Our Leaders

Our Chapter is volunteer led, and every member has the opportunity to serve in a leadership role, just like our daughters.  Within the model provided by NCL, Inc., the strength and growth our Chapter has experienced is a tribute to the leadership of our amazing members.

Board Elected Officers:

President – Carolyn Enenstein

President Elect – Liz Jones

Immediate Past President – Whitney Phillips

Vice President Membership – Jennifer Levi & Jin Brown

Vice President Ticktockers – Liz Jones & Teresa Fourticq

Vice President Philanthropy – Gina Kornfeind & Beth Ritchie

Vice President Patroness Activities – Tina Hindshaw

Vice President Communications –  Hannah Hotchkiss

Vice President Provisionals – Cindy Davis & Susan Damico

Vice President Hours & Awards – Rukshan Mistry

Secretary – Kai-Ning Jan

Treasurer – Ruby Carlos Doyle

Parliamentarian – Sara Margiotta

Member at Large – Anna Purdum

Board Members

Back: Teresa Fourticq, Beth Ritchie, Jennifer Levi, Whitney Phillips, Liz Jones; Center: Anna Purdum, Carolyn Enenstein, Rukshan Mistry, Kai-Ning Jan; Front: Susan Damico, Tina Hindshaw, Hannah Hotchkiss, Gina Kornfiend;

[Not Pictured: Jin Brown, Cindy Davis, Ruby Carlos Doyle, Sara Margiotta]

Past-President, Whitney Phillips; President, Carolyn Enenstein; President-Elecct, Liz Jones